Astronaut Jones (skankleupegus) wrote in scu,
Astronaut Jones

Selling my car

Hello everyone!
I am selling my car. It's a 2004 red ford focus. It has 39,000 miles on it and it's in great shape. I haven't driven it in weeks and I came to the conclusion that maybe I should sell it. I never drive it. All of it's miles are freeway miles. Here's some more info:
2.3L engine
Automatic transmission

This vehicle features: Dual Front Air Bags, Power Windows, Air Conditioning, Power Steering, FWD, Single Compact Disc, Power Door Locks, remote keyless entry, AM/FM Stereo, cruise control. Great gas mileage. All freeway miles. Beige interior.

I am asking 9,000,(The blue book is 9,800) but I am willing to work out a price.
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