strlen (strlen) wrote in scu,

Just took my last final.

Roughly two hours ago, I (originally a transfer from De Anza; class of 2006, BS Computer Science)have finished my last (undergraduate final). So this is an obligatory "I am all done" post. I will be staying on, though, part-time (working full time) for a Masters in Computer Engineering. Too bad I never got a chance to post while I was a full time student. Nevertheless, it feels good to be done. Anyone else graduating this quarter (or rather just graduated)?
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i'm a computer engineering major at scu too! mahh
My undergrad degree is CS, actually (not COEN), but I will be doing COEN for my masters. That is all the more reason I am glad too be done, the CS major is far too mathematical than is good for one's health.
i'm a transfer from USF and some DeAnza too. SCU is not taking any of my 30+ units from DeAnza (even though the classes are all from the recomended transfer course list on the scu website). Did you run into the same problem?
I did not have the same problem. However, keep in mind SCU will only transfer a maximum of 88 units *total* and your situation may be different since you transfered from both USF and De Anza. You should really speak with someone at the Drahman center though, since if you have under 88 units they should all be transfered (even the ones that do not correspond to direct courses, should be transfered as electives).